Monday, February 3, 2014

Ground Hog --- I mean Rheumatoid Disease Awareness Day

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Rheumatoid Disease/Arthritis Awareness Day. To help raise awareness for the disease, I shared many posts from RA Warrior and the RPF. There is a lot of data between both of them to help people understand. I also posted a status or two about RD (RA). It felt good to post the information. If just ONE person read it and took the time to understand, that is one more person who is aware of the battle many of us go through daily. Also, if just ONE person clicked through to the RPF or RA Warrior site/blog, it is another person who "gets" it. Hopefully, those that did understand or got it, shared the information with others.

My shot from the doctor is finally working. It took longer than normal. I also think my Orencia & Methotrexate helped greatly. Even though we are below freezing, my joints are starting to be nice, once again.

My SED rate and C-Reactive proteins were elevated. I don't think there is a time they were ever NOT elevated. Usually both, but on rare visits, one or the other would be above normal limits.

I found another annoyance that RD has given me. When my joints are swollen, they seem to pinch or irritate the tendons and ligaments. Sadly, that travels through my limbs, back or neck. I can tell the swelling is slowly subsiding in my shoulders and hips, because the tendons/ligaments are no longer screaming at the top of their "lungs" at me, they are only making a small noise. It may also have helped that I pretty much just relaxed yesterday.

As for Ground Hog Day -- it's kind of a cute little play on words, I believe. The movie "Ground Hog Day" was about a newscaster who relived the same day, over and over until the finally "got it right." For people with RD or any autoimmune disease/chronic illness, we don't live the same thing every day, but we do, however, experience pain daily, and sometimes, it feels as if we are living our own version of the movie.

Today is a decent day so far. Time to get on with the rest of my day.

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