Thursday, February 20, 2014

I hate when I forget

Forgetfulness is almost second hand with many who have chronic pain, fibro or depression. But, most of us have measures in place to actually remember to take our medications. 

I take my oral medications right before bed, so that is almost a no brainer for me. The injections are supposed to be Saturday & Wednesday. I am normally really good about remembering them without an alarm or reminder . . . UNLESS I am sick. Well, I was sick this past weekend and completely forgot my Methortrexate. I am definitely feeling it, even though I remembered Orencia last night. I can't wait until it kicks in completely.

I've also been dealing with all the emotional aspects of losing loved ones. I have been holding it in for a while. The past three days I have taken down the walls, and cry when I am not thinking about holding it in. I have to remember that the negative or sad emotions affect my RD, not just my mood.

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