Thursday, January 30, 2014

Steroid shot - for the win

I suppose I should have know the pain I was feeling was more from RD than it was from fibro, however, like many people I know, I am too stubborn to ask for help.

I think I have a love/hate relationship with the shot I received yesterday. It seems to work from the head down, making its first impact with my emotions. Little things were putting tears in my eyes last night.

I felt it start working it's magic as the day progressed and I definitely noticed a HUGE difference this morning.

I was able to make fists with my hands. I haven't been able to do that after waking up in about two months. I still have some pain in the knuckles of my pinkies, but they both have been injured in the past, so it is to be expected. My neck is also being very kind. The pain there went from a 4 (0-5 scale) to a 1. My lower back, which I haven't felt pain since recovering from surgery, was at a 5. I wanted to use my walker, but refused because of a silly word called "pride." Today it is at a 2. My hips, knees and ankles, all around 3-4 are at 0-1. My feet, are a slightly different story. My toes refuse to be cooperative with the medicine. I am thinking it will take a bit longer. I went from a 5+ on the pain in my toes/feet to a 3-4. Maybe because I walk so much, they are just tired. 

I also listened to my rheum last night by taking an amnitriptoline. I am still groggy from the medication, but I will manage. The "have-to's" generally keep me going. 

The Texas weather roller coaster is still running. I keep asking the ride operator to let me off for a little while, but get denied. Today is extremely windy. So even though the high is to be 60*F, it will not feel that way. Then, starting tomorrow night, we are expecting some sort of rain through next Wednesday. Our high for Friday - Sunday is between 65-75. Then, guess what!? We drop back down to the 40's. I wish the barometer in my body would lose its battery so the pain wouldn't be as bad, but, alas, it is better than an Energizer.

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