Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wish it were better, but . . .

Okay. Birthday trip to California. Then, cleaning & Mother's day. Spring concert, sick little boy for a week, more cleaning and other stuff. *sigh* The flare started right after Mother's Day. I had to use my walker the night before my baby got REALLY sick. I couldn't use it any day after that, because I had to tend to him & carry him as needed. That was an 8-9 day stint. I aggravated it even more this past weekend when I did some work in the yard & repotted plants.

Because most of the family was ill the week after Mother's Day, I didn't take my Orencia. This week, I have a couple of open wounds, plus my nails are exposed because the false nails started coming off and ripping my nails with them.

So, here I sit. On a scale of 1-10, I'm around an 8, and that is being generous. I took one medicine to help with the fibro aspect of my illness. But my neck, hips, feet, toes, shoulders & fingers/wrists are so far in pain, I want to cry, but can't. Even typing makes my shoulders scream in pain, and I'm not moving my arms...

I'm not counting spoons, I am not asking for sympathy, I simply wanted to get this out because Rheumatoid Disease has me completely defeated.

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