Friday, June 24, 2011

Latest Appointment

After accidentally missing my last appointment, someone canceled and I was able to get in on 6/22.

*takes a deep breath* I liked it when I first went into the office and she spent time with me. Now, it seems like she barely has time to check me out before she leaves the office. She asked where my pain is, I told her neck, shoulder hands and now my elbows (they never hurt before). She asked if the shot I received last time helped, I told her no, but I walked anyway. I did a week of exercise and it was ... so painful. I forced it and was down so much, it wasn't funny. Because my inflamation went down to normal, she said it was probably my fibro. Oh, and my blood pressure was 165/118. I've never been that high before. She said no shot because it didn't help and my BP was too high.

She had the nurse draw blood and give me a TB test (so we can be prepared for biologics if it comes to that). I go back today to get it read.

If the pain persists, then she will send me t a pain management secialist. Until my next visit in 2 months, I'm now on 60mg of cymbalta (up from 30), 2mg of folic acid (up from 1), 15mg of methotrexate (same), 2000mg of sulfasalazine (same). Tylenol or advil as needed during the day and a PM med at night.

By the end of my appt, my bp was 140/88.

A little frustrated. SSDD

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