Monday, June 20, 2011

Months of pain

The last time I went to my rheum, was in April. I had bloodwork done and it said my inflamation was down. I was also given a shot. It was supposed to help with the pain so I could exercise more. It did nothing for the pain.

I'm still on 15mg methotrexate every Friday, 2000mg sulfasalazine every day, and 30 mg of cymbalta every day. I am limited to acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naprosyn. Tramadol conflict with cymbalta, so I can't take that.

I tried walking after the shot, and it was not good. I forced it, regardless. I then gave up, tired of the pain.

I have gone to taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen PM medicines when Keith is home or at night, so I can get some sort of rest or relief from the pain. I know it only masks the pain, but I have to do something so I can function.

When I'm in this much pain, I really would just love to be held, cuddled, anything of the sort, because it reminds me that I'm loved, regardless of how I am feeling.

All I have wanted to do the past few months was cry. Today the pains are so sharp in my shoulders, I swear someone has an icepick and jabbing it into the bones. My hips are the same way.

The new nsaid the doc gave me is useless. Nabumetone. It also comes with a huge warning about heart risks. For prolonged use or for those people who have heart problems, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Makes me leery of taking it. I've taken 2 and have had no relief. I would think the medication would be like most pain relievers - be affective after 30 minutes or so.

I missed my last appointment, and it was even for the better, because I couldn't drive. I just had the dates mixed arond. I am fortunate that I get to attend one this Wednesday. I need to get a list of concerns/questions going so that I am more prepared. I wish I had an adult who could go with me, to facilitate the questions, etc.

I try so hard to not let any of this get to me, but lately, I just can't help it. I hurt so much and it's affecting me mentally. I think it's affecting my children, too. Yesterday was too much. I couldn't do ANYTHING and it was Father's Day. I was able to make it out to lunch. I apologized so many times. I am so glad Keith understands.

I guess I am just needing a lot of TLC right now.

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