Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Slowly coming back

Well, the shot lasted roughly 2 weeks and the pain is slowly coming back. I'm just so glad for the relief I had. Hopefully this level will last for longer and not get worse.

The Cymbalta is working well, too. My skin isn't on fire or painful to the touch, and my depression is more manageable. I knew it would work nicely for the depression, but didn't realize how it could help fibromyalgia.

I go back into the rheum in a few weeks. I think she is pondering changing my meds a little, because the inflamation rate just won't go down. I am glad she doesn't believe in giving me a steroid on a perm basis.

I have noticed, though, the longer I'm on MTX and Sulfa, the more dry my mouth gets. I'm going through water like it's.... water *giggles*

I wrote a poem about RA and the pain I feel, and how _I_ feel daily. Kelly Young, a great advocate for RA put it to music. Here is a link to her blog:


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