Friday, March 4, 2011

Amazing relief

So, 1 Mar, I went to my rheum. I've been feeling wiped out and in more pain than I would ever admit. My family knows if I admit ANY pain, than I'm above my threshold.

I talked to her about the pain I had, how it started nearly 5 weeks ago with the RA pain, and within the past week to 2 weeks, my skin started feeling as if someone was taking thin, sharp needles and running them along my legs. I also told her my depression was coming back and it has been 7 months since I've been on an antidepressant or fibrmyalgia medication.

She didn't change my Methotrexate or the Sulfazine. We added Cymbalta to the mix and I received a steroid shot. I think all the weight lifted off my shoulders after seeing her, because I was utterly exhausted. I got home and took my first Cymbalta. I figured between the shot and the Cymbalta, I'd feel relief in a couple days.

Well, the pain, for the most part, was down 90% by 2 Mar. I swore I was imagining things. I was still sleepy, because for some reason, with the steroid shots (only my 2nd), my brain goes on overdrive, no matter how exhausted I am. So, every time I needed to turn over, I ended up tweeting in my dreams. *rolls eyes*

The night of 2 Mar, instead of tweeting, every time I woke up, I was singing a new country song in my head, so I guess I was a DJ of sort.

Yesterday, I walked slow, but I wasn't in intense pain, only little stabs of pain here and there, and my skin...doesn't scream at me anymore.

Who would have thought I could feel decent? I hate being dependent on medications to feel well, happy, etc. But, I think I learned my lesson. When my next flare decides to rear it's ugly head, I will be calling the doctor to see what she can do to help, because feeling this way is just...awesome.

I did, however, forget to ask a few questions. I need to remember to write these things down.

OH! So, I did the RAFit Kit survey online to get a "customized" workout. I wish I had asked my rheum in December, because she would have told me what I learned the other day. The exercises were NOT tailored at all for me. And when I told her about it, we both said at the same time, "It was just to get me information about a biologic."

Well, time to get on with the rest of my day.

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