Thursday, April 14, 2011

To get a shot or not

On 3/1/11 my rheum gave me a steroid shot because my flare was severely out of control. The relief was felt within 2 hours and amazing within 24 hours. After two weeks, though, I could feel pain coming back. By my appointment on 4/12/11, my hands, hips, elbows, lower back and neck were in pain. Not as severe as before, but definitely not fun. I'm now tolerating methotrexate and sulfasalazine well. Cymbalta is helping the fibro and depression. Now... if I can combat my fatigue. I was thinking how annoying it was to get a shot, feel the amazing relief, then feel it slowly come back. It's discouraging, in a way, because I can go do stuff, my body isn't battling as much (or so it seems) and I felt... "normal". All I wanted to do when the pain started creeping back in, was cry. I guess maybe one day I'll let that out. After talking with my rheum, she is going to review my bloodwork and then recommend some possible changes in my medication. I'm only on 6 methotrexate tablets per week and on the max dose of sulfa. It's been 9 months on MTX - 8 on the 15mg dose; 4 months on sulfa, 3 on the full dose. My options are for the increase in MTX and stay on sulfa; go to injection (we both want to wait until it's not an option before we do that) and stay on sulfa; or increase MTX and go to another injectable and remove sulfa. I do NOT like the thought of injecting myself. And I don't feel it's right to have my husband do it for me. My neck pain is more than likely RA related, by why is my lower back in so much pain (other than the fact it was broken at some point in life and didn't heal correctly). The recommendation to combat my fatigue was to exercise 30 min/day. I hadn't been raising my heart rate enough, I guess. I wish I had access to an indoor pool and the time to go do it. During the summer, I have access to a pool, and will have my 2 oldest to help with the 4 yr old, so I can exercise and play with them at the same time. I have an air walker and forced 30 minutes out, ended up taking an Aleve shortly after for pain. I've also walked about a mile, increasing my pace to get my heart rate up on 3/12 and 3/13. *sigh* I just have so much on my mind. Another "kicker" is my lymph nodes are inflamed. I will call tomorrow to schedule an appointment with my primary care doc for next week if they have not gone down. Any thoughts, comments are welcome.

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