Monday, February 21, 2011

The past 4 weeks

Not sure if it was the freezing weather that spawned the latest flare for my RA, but whatever did, I wish it hadn't. I'd feel semi-decent and then go out and quick shopping (between snow storms, or just to grab something that I need to finish dinner) and come home, feeling 3x as bad as I did in the morning and by the next day, I'd hang up any thought of being active.

I finally break down and get a refill on my tramadol. That helped. took the edge off the pain, although the pain was still near my threshold.

Of course, we had a great weekend, about 2 weeks ago, and I helped spring clean the garage. How I wish I only had sore muscles after that.

Then, giving into normal human urges...wasn't any help to me at all. It never is a good idea, I pay for it for 2 days, but...

Then, my body decides to revolt against me with the last methotrexate dosage. I've not felt that sick after mtx ever. I had to give in and spend most of the day Sunday in bed. I took my 3 mg of folic acid dosage (usually I just take one) last night and my stomach seems to be less angry with me today.

And, if things couldn't get weirder, my fibromyalgia decided to rear it's ugly head again. My clothing touching my skin sends sharp pain through me. That I haven't felt in over a year.

Today, although it's President's Day, doesn't mean anyone in the house is home but my 4 yr old and I. Kids are at school and hubby is at work. I think knowing I'd be alone today made me ignore most of the nausea/pain than I did Saturday and Sunday.

I can only hope things improve as the day/week unfold.

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