Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Carnival - by Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior

SUBJECT: "Are Rheum patients pressured to not take medical treatment? Have you ever read an article that sounds like it discourages medical treatment for rheumatologic conditions? Whether the alternative offered is Eastern medicine, non-prescription medicines, or dietary changes, or spiritual advice, what would you liek to say to anyone who would tell patients to forgo medical treatment."

BLOG RESPONSE: I think the only time I can remember that it was suggested that I seek an alternative treatment for my pain, was when it sounded like my primary care physician (PCP) was giving up on me and the pain I'm deal with daily.

I went in because I couldn't handle the pain any longer, and I had not decided to find a new rheumatologist yet, and was asking what could be done for the pain, and if there was anything other than tramadol. He said that it seemed like Western medicine was not working and that I should try accupuncture.

And yet, now that I type that, I recall my chiropractor suggesting multiple times that I try this cleansing diet to lose weight because it will help with my pain. And, since I couldn't afford it, he wrote down the names of some items I could purchase at GNC that would do the same thing.

Last I checked, I didn't walk on my head, hands, so losing weight would NOT help with the pain in my neck, hands, wrists, shoulders. Yes, I could probably stand to lose weight, but since I don't snack all day, over eat, most of the "diets" out there are not for me. I was exercising, but as I got worse with pain, the exercise took back seat to everything else.

What would I love to say to people who haven't been in my (our) shoes, feeling the pain I (we) have, day in/day out at times, who think it's all in our head, that no medicine can help us because we need to think/do this or that.... wow...

Until people walk in my shoes, don't think that medicinal treatments are not a viable option. It may take a while to get into my system (everything takes a long time to get into the system), but they help ease the pain I feel and slow down the progress of my disease. I've had such great improvement on the medicines I'm taking and it's only been seven months. I don't go into the doctor's office begging for medicine, I go for the expert opinion of the person who studied my disease and knows how to treat it. I don't want more than what is going to help reduce the pain and have it barable.

None of what I'm feeling is IN my head. I'm not imaging the pain. I don't dwell on it. I won't talk about it because most people don't want to HEAR about what is happening with someone else, or, they have to one up the other person.

I'm open to other ways of treating this in conjunction with what I'm undergoing, as long as it doesn't conflict with my current treatment.

I don't want anyone to press upon me their thoughts/views as to how I need to be treated or what I need to look into for help. I want the doctors to listen and believe me, not think I'm fabricating things. I want family and friends to be there when I need to talk or need a shoulder to cry on, because 9/10 of the time, that's what I need from them. Not advice, just someone to listen.

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