Friday, April 25, 2014

Folic Acid, B-Complex -- A MUST

When I hear anemia, I immediately think of the need for iron in my blood. However, after the past few days, I have learned differently.

My rheum has always told me to take my Folic Acid because it will help with the side effects of MTX like upset stomach & hair loss. Never did I realize until I did research that it also helps with the reproduction of red blood cells. 

With MTX & Orencia on my medicine list every week, my RBC count is always on the low side. I never realized that this can cause anemia, because there is less O2 in my blood stream.

I was having breathing problems because my heart was on overdrive. I felt completely horrible. I thought I was having a heart attack, in all honesty. 

Between research, talking to a nurse & my doc, I figured out what was behind the problems. So, I took a B-Complex vitamin & Folic Acid. After 4 hours, my blood pressure began to return to normal, as did my pulse. Even the headache disappeared. 

So, something I thought was really not "important" turned out to be VERY important. PLEASES, if you are reading this and decide to not take vitamins, think again. 

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