Friday, September 9, 2011

Recap of last RHEUM visit and feelings since.

I need to make my appointments soon. Yesterday at 3:00 PM, my BP was 167/114 - and I couldn't go to urgent care or to the doctor. It was braces, pick up son, cross country practice, etc. At 9:30 PM, it was 147/101. I haven't checked it today. I seriously hate that Cymbalta raises my BP so much. When I was off it, my BP was normal.

My fatigue is crazy. Really driving me bananas.

I am just having a heck of a time no being blah.

For now, that has to be all. I will try to write more later.

I created a spreadsheet & graphs for the blood work I've had done over the past year, since I found a doctor who listened and diagnosed me with RA. I've noticed a few trends. One of them, the medicine is working to reduce the inflammation rated in my blood associated with RA. The second, my glucose likes to spike. Something I think I've had a problem with since pregnancy with my last babe. Third, that the RDW - I'll have to look it up again - is consistently getting higher and out of limits. Not sure what all this means, I'm not sure the rheum looks at the history like I have. I still need to make an appointment with a pain management specialist and one with my GP. I have also seem to have developed RLS.

With all this on my mind, and the pain, I've not been very social. I asked the twitter support group I found if anyone else had this desire to just give up and say I'm tired of this crap, take it away, and there was an overwhelming response of yes.

Things have gotten so crappy with my RA that I can't enjoy the MMORPG I like to play because of the hand movements required. I can go do stuff, like simple quests, but I can no longer heal a party or raid. Very disappointing, as it was my escape. So, I created my "alter ego" on twitter and a website where I write erotica type short stories.

Anyway, enough complaining. Hope you all have a great day.

Went to my rheumatologist today. Ever since I started on Cymbalta for the fibromyalgia & depression, my BP has elevated at least 20 point dia & sys. Which means, no matter how much pain I'm in (if it's from inflammation) I can't get a steroid shot or pills to help reduce it.

Explained that for about 4-5 weeks my pain has been getting increasingly worse. Mostly in the joints. My fibro points were NOT active today, maybe 1 was.

She asked if I was taking my medicines. I said yes. Religiously. I also have 2 children who will NOT let me forget to take medication. The pain is crappy. I explained that it feels like someone has crowbars prying my joints apart.

This is probably the longest she has spoken with me in the last 4 appointments.

She says she doesn't understand. One visit, I'm okay, another, I'm not. My inflammation levels are below the limit, so it's not the RA inflammation hurting me.

I also found out today, that sunlight will cause me to flare. Well, for the past month or so, I've been outside with band practice or cross country or just walking with the kids or even at the pool. I've lost 5 lbs.

She asked if I'm exercising. Yes. Walking when I can, not speedy, but I walk.

So, it's not fibromyalgia and not RA causing my pain, so she is sending me to pain management. I have the card for who she recommended, and the name of a PM doc my husband's boss uses. I am going to do more research before I make a decision.

Today's blood tests should be emailed to me Monday or Tuesday. All the normal stuff and a Vitamin D check.

She also suggested I go to my general doctor or my GYN to see if my hormones are out of whack.

There is still the fact that RA does NOT affect my neck/back so... what do I do there?

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